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Welcome Coach Joe!

Welcome new Head Coach, Joseph Lippert. Joe was conceived in Wisconsin, and since then resides in neighboring state, Iowa, as the Assistant Coach of Iowa Central Community College, (ICCC) and the Head Coach of the 7’s program. ICCC is currently the only community college that competes at D1A in 15’s and has made its way into the  CRC 7’s Tournament. ICCC has recently turned into a funnel of some of the best college rugby players on the scene. ICCC has produced many players that transfer and contribute to major Universities, Professionals, and National Teams. 

Notable Clubs and Accolades

-Head Coach of McKendree University 

-Head Coach of Lindenwood University-Belleville (2019 D1AA National Champions in 7’s)

-Head Coach of Bremer County RFC (Wisconsin) - (Back-to-back National Finalist - 2013 National Champions.)

-Coach for All-Star teams in Wisconsin, Iowa, and Midwest Thunderbirds. 

Please Welcome Joe and his better half, Grace, to Vail. 

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